Some feedback from recent students:

RF is possibly one of the best instructors I have had in quite sometime. Very courteous, very professional, and very knowledgable! He answered every question and concern that I and the other students addressed to him and never failed to provide any information needed. All materials were readily available, the classroom was very neat and very well put together, and the training environment was very well placed and put together as well. RF went above and beyond to meet my expectations to earn my instructor certification. I would recommend RF to anyone nationwide looking to take a course through him. I will be taking more courses through RF to help build my instructor base.

– B S

Very happy with my course to become USCCA Certified Instructor. As a combat veteran and military weapons instructor it was nice to sit in a class that met my skill level without sacrificing the course standards. The Instructor is very knowledgeable and provided me with great course instructions and friendly information on how to be successful in the future.

– A M

Extremely knowledgeable and informative instructor and class. Small class size and 0 wasted time meant all questions were addressed. Exactly what I was looking for. I took and completed this same class in Illinois in 2013 and RF blew my previous instructor out of the water when it came to knowledge, personability and the quality of class exercises to ensure the course was passed. Will be sending my wife to this class after my awesome experience.

– C Y

I chose to take my pistol instructor certification with RF.  RF far exceeded my expectations for this class. He was very professional and delivered the material in such a way that was just right for this class. He had a real passion for teaching and made sure that we would all make good instructors when the classes were finished. I truly appreciate his help and direction on getting started as an instructor. He has been a wealth of information and prompt with responses. I look forward to taking more classes with RF. I would not consider going anywhere else. This guy is the real deal. You too will be glad you chose him for your training.

– L H

I attended the NRA Instructor Pistol Shooting 3 day Course. RF is a professional trainer. He is well versed in the NRA training standards and was very thorough from day one to the end of the course … how do I know? I just retired after 29.5 years as an AZ peace officer. 19 of those years I was an AZ POST & NRA LE firearms instructor for my agency and a supervising firearms instructor at our police academy. RF Johnston is a qualified, top notch firearms trainer … his courses will be money well spent.

– D J

Just finished my BIT Class, NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and USCCA Certified Instructor class!! RF is not only a outstanding teacher but extremely knowledgeable !!! He has the patience to teach you and make you feel right at home whether test taking or live fire shooting! RF runs a first class, top notch program. Well worth the time, travel and cost. I feel like I have also gained another good friend and a mentor!!

– R H

Great guy and great program – Did my NRA Range Safety Officer with him today. Very flexible on scheduling and great instructor and very personable. 28 years of service in the USMC – this guy knows his stuff and is willing to share that info. Highly recommended.

– M W

Great Defensive Pistol Class! Looking forward to returning for a couple more instructor courses.

– A F

Took the class yesterday and it was AWESOME!!! Anyone considering a concealed carry permit should definitely get with R.F. He is very thorough, patient, and makes sure that you understand the material. Range time with him was extremely valuable. I learned so much to help me shoot better and be more controlled with my weapon. I can’t say enough good things about him and the experience. Most fun I’ve had in a while! Totally enjoyed it. Going to take more classes with him in the future. 5🌟 and a big 👍!!!

– S D-H

RF’s USCCA Certified Instructor Course was great! Wonderful instructor who went above and beyond to make everything line up for me. I traveled up from Florida to attend his class and it was well worth the time and $. Thanks RF and thank you Pam for feeding me!

– B R

I just took RF’s USCCA Certified Instructor class, and was very pleased with his knowledge and training skills.  I learned a lot in his class.  He is a terrific instructor and trainer.  I am 100% satisfied.  Great job!

– J T

I just finished the USCCA Certified Instructor class with RF Johnston.  I was very impressed with his knowledge, expertise and attentiveness to safety.  The class was small and very personal which meant we all received everything we needed as instructors. Thank you RF for your effort and hospitality.

– R B

I recently took the CCDW course with RF. He is a great instructor, knowledgeable in all areas of firearms with a focus on Safety and correct use of a firearm. RF answered all my questions and took the time to address any concerns I had, particularly with Concealed Carry Permit. I highly recommend RF for any training you need with firearms, he offers a flexible class schedule which is great as some instructors only offer weekends.

– M M

I knew nothing about guns nor had I ever shot a gun until I took the CCDW class taught by RF. He made the class very enjoyable and made sure I understood everything. Thanks to RF, I now feel like I can handle and shoot a gun. I highly recommend his CCDW class.

– L C

What a week, WHEW ! I did a marathon run with RF through the NRA Basic Pistol, Basic Rifle and Basic Shotgun. All the training was excellent ! My favorite part (next to the ammunition flying out of the muzzle of my firearm towards the target) was learning to clean my firearms. RF even offered to go shopping with me to get the correct cleaning supplies. RF and his wife’s hospitality were unparalleled. I even got to find a nice little scout camp to setup my hammock which saved me the drive to and from Nashville each day. I would highly recommend RF’s training to all my friends. Thank you for a great time, great lessons and taking me in for a week.

– M C

I had the pleasure of attending CCDW training with RF Johnston yesterday. He is VERY knowledgeable about the laws and safe handling techniques for firearms! He is extremely patient and driven to help all students succeed with attaining their CCDW. He went above & beyond with me personally to help me improve my shooting skills. I HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone wishing to obtain their CCDW license!

– H W

I took the CCDW class this past weekend and had a VERY positive experience. Mr. RF Johnston is extremely knowledgeable and a true professional. It was way more than pressing play on the dvd player and heading to the range — class was informative and actually enjoyable. Thank you again, sir.

– J S

First off I want to say Thank you RF, I not only learned a lot about guns and gun safety but I had a good time learning everything you taught me today! RF is an amazing instructor and breaks things down, if your not sure or don’t understand something…but so amazing my mother and I both passed the class with a 100% on the written and on the range!

– M H

I recently completed a CCDW course instructed by RF Johnston and I highly recommend him! He is very knowledgeable and conducted a very professional, yet fun environment for learning.

– M P

First of all, I want to say that Mr. Johnston is extremely knowledgeable with anything that goes “BANG-BANG”!!! As a veteran that has spent 20+ years in the Marine Corps, he has picked up quite a few tricks of the trade that will help out any level of shooter!

Honestly, I was very nervous about retaining the laws of KY before this class. But now I am CONFIDENT that I have the knowledge to be RESPONSIBLE concealed-carrier!

I would highly recommend to ANYONE who is wanting the CCDW permit!

– J B

Me and my wife chose to take our CCDW class through RF and so glad we did we made the right choice he knows his stuff and is a great instructor and a very down to earth person he made me and my wife feel comfortable through the whole thing and made sure we knew everything we needed to know and answered all of the questions we had for him until we had complete understanding of what was asked we will definitely be taking other classes that he offers in the near future and we highly recommend this guy to anyone looking for a really good instructor and someone who in general is not a jerk and is a nice guy!

– L T

Amazing instructor. Very hands on, knows all the information and teaches in a fun and exciting way. Very friendly and positive attitude! Will recommend him to anyone I know wanting to get there CCDW.

– A T

Superb instructor! Very informative and went the extra mile to make sure our class was successful. Highly recommend!

– J M

Very knowledgeable and great class! Makes you feel very comfortable with a gun! Thanks so much!

– D N

My husband and I were finally able to take the CCDW class yesterday and I must say is was very fun and informative. The instructor is excellent and he takes the time to make sure you completely understand everything. If anyone is interested in taking the CCDW class I would highly recommend this class with Mr. RF Johnston.

– K P

Excellent course instruction. Covers literature thoroughly and makes certain the student retains it. He is friendly, very knowledgeable and has a passion for the sport. I recommend his courses 100%

– J R

Great place for anybody at any skill level to get firearms training. Took the KY CCDW class with RF and was impressed with every aspect. He gave us a very professional experience and was knowledgeable on the material of this course. He even threw in some great marksmanship advice and made the class very enjoyable for us. I would recommend RF’s Firearms Training to anyone interested in a CCDW permit or general marksmanship skills.

– J H

Wonderful class very informative. Instructor was great. Fun and educational experience. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn or receive their KY CCDW.

– J G

Recently took the CCDW class with RF and I learned a lot. Small class size, flexible scheduling, and able to answer all my questions. Would recommend for anyone to take!

– C C

I recently had the pleasure to attend the Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapons License Training – It was very focused and professional. I enjoyed my classmates too! We bonded quickly and provided a lot of support to each other. I fully recommend this course and trainer Mr. RF Johnston.

– M M


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